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Website Updates

Pumpout Boat Out for Service

The pump out boat was taken out for service today at Noon. The shore side station remains available for use. The boat should be back in service before Saturday after maintenance has been completed. Thanks

Road Construction

The Town of Dartmouth has posted a Public Notice for Road Reconstruction and Paving in the Padanaram Village Area. Please see the Notice below.

2023 Waterways Decals

Waterways decals were mailed out mid-May to those who paid their Waterways Registration Fees. If you have not paid your fee, please do so ASAP. Staff will be looking for waterways decals and payments beginning 07/10/23. Any vessel found without proper payment will be assessed a mandatory 20% late fee.

2023 Boat Shrink Wrap Recycling

Dartmouth, MA – It protected your boat all winter, now it’s time to protect the environment.

Clean white boat wrap is accepted through this drop-off program at the Dartmouth Transfer Station.  Zippers and straps must be removed and discarded.  Spray painted wrap cannot be accepted.

“This boat wrap drop-off program enables this material to be collected in a designated container so that it can be recycled. Boat wrap cannot be placed in a curbside recycling cart. It would take up valuable space at the Crapo Hill landfill if discarded as garbage. We are working with the Waterways Commission and the Harbormaster to alert individual boaters of this win-win solution to the annual shrink wrap disposal problem and doing our best to keep it out of the waste stream,” said Tim Barber, Director of Public Works in the Town of Dartmouth.

Dartmouth residents may take boat wrap to the Dartmouth Transfer Station. A transfer station permit is required.  There is a container for boat wrap only. The Dartmouth Transfer Station is open Tuesday and Thursday from 7:30 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. and Saturday from 7:30 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. Dartmouth residents who would like to obtain a transfer station permit, or a day pass, may call the Dartmouth DPW at (508) 999-0740.

Remember, boat wrap is only recyclable through drop-off programs. Plastic bags and plastic wraps do not belong in recycling carts. That type of material wraps around equipment at sorting facilities causing sorting to grind to a halt while people work through the challenging task of removing plastic bags and wrap.

Boat wrap can also be reused several times if it is installed and removed with reuse in mind. Look for reuse information online or ask your boat shrink wrap installer about it. For more information, contact the Greater New Bedford Regional Refuse Management District by phone at (508) 979-1493 or by email at For additional tips, visit Dartmouth Recycling on Facebook.

2023 Mooring Renewal

Mooring, vessel, waitlist and reserved dinghy/kayak rack registration ends on March 31, 2023.  This is the same renewal deadline specified in local regulations/by-laws since 2003.  

Reminder invoices were mailed out on February 24, 2023 to each permit holder at the last known address in our database.

Renewal of each mooring, boat permit, waiting list position or reserved dinghy/kayak rack assignment remains the responsibility of each individual permit holder.

Inquiries and requests for electronic invoice reminders may be made prior to the 3/31 deadline by emailing

2023 Seasonal Launch/Park Permits

Starting this week, the 2023 Arthur F. Dias Town Landing Launch/Parking permits are available for sale at the Town Collector’s Office, Dartmouth Town Hall.  Season permits to this facility remain the same price as last year, $60 per decal.  Each vehicle or vehicle/trailer combination requires an individual permit.  No duplicate or “second vehicle” permit exemptions apply.  Annual permits are available only at the Town Collector’s Office, Dartmouth Town Hall.  The Dartmouth Harbormaster Office does not have season landing permits to sell.

2023 Waterways Invoices

The 2023 annual Waterways Invoices are in the process of being printed for postal delivery to the last addresses we have on file as of December 2022. If you would like to receive an individual, digital copy of your Waterways Invoice, please send an email to our office

Email is our preferred method of communication as staffing is limited during the off season. We will respond quickly to all email inquires we receive. We are unable to respond to telephone calls or messages in a timely manner at this time.  Please use email to contact our office, to request an invoice, or to seek any information related to moorings, boats or launching.
Thank you!