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Upper Apponagansett Bay Re-Opens for Shellfish Harvesting

In accordance with Chapter 130, Section 74A of the Massachusetts General Laws, the
Division of Marine Fisheries has re-examined the below defined “CONDITIONALLY
APPROVED” shellfish growing area in the Apponagansett Harbor (BB12.3), in the Town of
Dartmouth, and in the “Closed to Shellfishing” status based on seasonal water quality changes and
mooring area criteria. As a result of this examination, the Division has determined that the below
defined area now meets the established criteria for the harvest of shellfish and has changed the
status to “Open to Shellfishing” as of sunrise on November 1, 2023.
The below defined area may be opened to the harvest of shellfish for direct human
consumption subject to local rules and regulation under authority of Massachusetts General Laws
Chapter 130, Section 52.

Status: Open to Shellfishing
November 1-April 30
All Dates Inclusive

Apponagansett Bay
“The waters and flats and all tributaries of Apponagansett Bay, in the Town of Dartmouth,
east of a line drawn from the town pier to the “NO SHELLFISHING” on the bridge
causeway, south of a line drawn easterly from the easternmost point of land at Star of the
Sea Villa to Mullen’s Pier at the foot of Captain’s Lane, west of a line drawn from Mullen’s
Pier to the northern tip of Little Island thence from the southern tip of Little Island to the
westerly abutment of the Bridge Street Bridge, thence from the bridge southerly to the end
of Ross’ Pier, north of a line from Bush Point to the eastern end of Knowles Pier and then
easterly of a line drawn approximately 300’ from the western end of the Bridge Street
Bridge to the eastern end of Mullins Pier.”

The status of BB12.3 shall automatically revert to “Closed to Shellfishing” on May 1, 2024,
unless the Division changes the status prior to said date.