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The Dartmouth Waterways Commission was formed by a general bylaw amendment at the Spring annual town meeting on May 27, 2003. The Commission has the power, authority and jurisdiction to establish polices and promulgate rules regarding the tidal waterways and related public facilities within the Town of Dartmouth. The Commission may develop, manage and regulate all marine ramps, docks, wharves, piers and moorings within Dartmouth waters. The Dartmouth Harbormaster, under the supervision of the executive administrator, shall implement and enforce the duly adopted rules, regulations, directives and policies of the Commission. The Commission operates as an “Enterprise” as that term is defined in section 53F 1/2 of Chapter 44 of the M.G.L. As an “Enterprise”, the Waterways Department is self-sustaining and responsible for raising all revenue needed to operate the Harbormaster Office and related services.

In addition to enforcing local bylaws and regulations, the Harbormaster and Assistants are charged with enforcing State and Federal laws and regulations.

Pertinent regulations can be found below.

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Chapter 90B of the MGL

323 CMR

Title 33 USC