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2022 Dinghy/ Kayak Racks

All dinghy and kayak racks were fully occupied last season (no vacancies).  Those who had a space assigned for 2021 will be offered renewal for 2022, if paid by March 31st.  Anyone who decides not to return or who fails to renew by March 31, 2022 will create an opening for the 2022 season.  There is one vertical rack for kayaks and SUP use only (8 total).  The horizontal row of racks along the beach were designed for dinghy use without engines attached, but may also accommodate kayaks. They were ALL FULLY RENTED in 2021.

Any spaces that become open for 2022 will be assigned ONLY through email requests received starting on April 1, 2022.  If you wish to be considered for any space that comes open, you will need to send an email to and specify your name, address, contact info (phone and valid email).  You must also specify your intended dinghy/kayak (12′ total length and under) in you email request sent only AFTER the close of registration on April 1, 2022.

Again, emails are only accepted if dated 4/1/2022 or later, and they will be prioritized in the order they are received.  The seasonal rate for the 2022 season remains $50, but strict adherence to contract occupancy dates is required,

One last note:  The Waterways Dept. is in the process of developing a small boat marina (dinghy floats) to be built off the end of the Town dock at Dias landing.  A feasibility study conducted last year showed that such construction would significantly improve public access to the moorings and waterway, be self-supporting based upon user fees for storage, and would be of great demand.  Supporting that project will benefit yourself and numerous boaters similarly situated.  Please consider supporting our municipal marina project through your direct communication to the Dartmouth Select Board.